The Fix Is IN!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ok, So I'm watching Morning Joe this morning... Erin Burnett comes on with her morning Market Report - just 3 DAYS after the elections - and Guess what... Even though the unemployment numbers didn't change and we are holding steady at 9.6%, she gushed about how we are now adding private sector jobs at a sufficient rate to bring the unemployment numbers down.

And as if that were not fishy enough, the Jobs report she was describing was the OCTOBER report, which coincidentally wasn't released until after the election...

And if THAT isn't fishy enough, she went on to state that the September jobs report (which had been reported as a negative report) has NOW been REVISED... It seems we were adding Private Sector Jobs at this rate back in September as well!

Hmmmm, sooooooo we just experienced a wave election fueled by anger in the electorate over the lack of jobs and feelings about the economy. YET it is now reported that the economy was showing these really positive signs of improvement for the last couple months - BUT news outlets like MSNBC sat on the numbers  and only released them AFTER the elections, along with a glowing commentary encouraging people to be optimistic.

Don't sleep... The Hustler's are coming home to roost.


msdavonna said...

This is one of the best political blogs I have read in a very long time. Very insightful. Please keep writing.

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